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We design and start in production our compact flanges as per Norsok L-005 standard.
Therefore, we can supply welding neck compact flanges matching with Norsok / competitors compact flanges up to 2500#.

Sectionnal view of a Norsok style compact flange

Figure 1 : Sectionnal view of a Norsok style compact flange

We also designed swivel ring compact flange as a technologic solution offered to offshore industry. That solution makes easier piping installation.

Design is in accordance with ASME codes & BS 5500 and allows using tightening hydraulic tools.

Figure 2 : FEA of welding neck VS swivel-ring

Figure 3 : Sectionnal view of welding neck VS swivel-ring flanges

Figure 4 : Exploded view of swivel-ring compact flange

Figure 5 : Comparison on 12” size of Clamp connector / Compact flange (370 kg) / ANSI Flange (1 660 kg) with the same pressure rating (2500#)

GRAYLOC® type Compact Flange

We also supply the compact flanges type Grayloc (Tekflow is Grayloc exclusive agent for France). That flange uses the Grayloc metal-to-metal sealing technology used into the clamp connectors :