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Tekflow is an official distributor and representative of PIKOTEK isolation kits.

Our flange isolation products are constructed of premium engineering materials. The isolation products include a wide selection of isolating/sealing gaskets along with a variety of sleeves and washers. For maximum flexibility, components may be ordered separately or as part of complete flange isolation kits.

Flange Isolation Kits are designed to work in conjunction with our isolating gaskets to effect the complete electrical isolation of a flanged assembly. The Isolation Kits consist of one full-length isolating sleeve, two isolating washers and two steel washers for each of the bolts in the flange assembly. The purpose of the isolating sleeves is to electrically separate the bolts from each side of the flange, while the isolating washers provide electrical isolation for each of the nuts attached to the bolts. This method of isolation provides the user with a high-reliability solution to complete the electrical isolation of a flanged joint.

Pikotek Isolation Kit

Pikotek Isolation Kit

Flange Isolation Kits consist of an isolating gasket and isolating sleeves and washers which are all correctly sized for the application and conveniently packaged to minimize the possibility of lost component parts during installation. Isolating gaskets may be specified as either « E » or « F » type while single, double or one-piece sleeve and washer sets are offered as options for varying degrees of electrical isolation between the flanges. In addition, a wide variety of material options exist for both isolating gaskets and sleeve and washer materials.

The Gasket
Gasket Seal sealing gaskets are considered to be one of the most effective methods for sealing mating surfaces of all types. The gasket consists of two molded half « O » rings (with precise crown to void ratio) mounted in grooves on opposite sides of a retainer.
While maintaining all the advantages of a full « O » ring seal, the half « O » rings eliminate the need for sealing grooves in the mating surfaces which also eliminates positioning and alignment concerns. GasketSeal gaskets are available in a wide variety of retainer and sealing element combinations for matching gaskets to service and environmental conditions.

Before Tightening
The flange faces come into contact with the crown of the sealing elements. As the flange is tightened the crowns are compressed into the molded-in voids in the sealing elements, resulting in a seal that will maintain positive, dynamic contact against the flange faces under all conditions.

After Tightening
After Tightening The flange faces have come into firm contact with the retainer, thus encapsulating the sealing elements within grooves and guarding them from exposure to external environments or internal media. At the same time, the elastic memory characteristics of the confined sealing elements results in zero « m » and « y » factors, making it possible to effect and maintain a positive seal at the lowest possible compressive load.

The gasket retainer extends out to the O.D. of the flange. Holes are cut in a type « E » gasket at the bolt circle to accommodate threaded studs or bolts.

Pikotek type E gasket

Pikotek type E gasket

The gasket retainer extends out to the I.D. of the bolt circle.

Pikotek type F gasket

Pikotek type F gasket

Single Washer Set
Single washer set flange isolation kits include the following items for each bolt:
One – 1/8″ thick steel washer
One – Isolating Washer
One – Isolating Sleeve

Application Considerations
In buried applications, single washer configurations may be used to allow the Cathodic Protection (CP) current to reach the nuts and bolts. If desired, nuts on the opposite side of the cathodically protected flange may be included as part of the CP system.

Double Washer Set
Double washer set flange isolation kits include teh following components for each bolt:
Two – 1/8″ thick steel washers
Two – Isolating washers
One – Full length isolating sleeve

Application Considerations
Double washer configurations may be used for added protection against the possibility of shorting out the nuts and bolts. In addition, double washer sets electrically isolate the nuts and bolts from both flanges.

One-Piece Sleeve and Washer Sets
One-piece sleeve and washer set flange isolation kits include the following items for each bolt:
Two – 1/8″ thick steel washers
One-One-piece isolating sleeve

Application Considerations
Easier to install, one-piece sleeves also allow the inspector a visual indication of sleeve usage. Due to the relatively low compressive strength of this material, its use is not recommended for high pressure or large diameter flanges that require high torque loads.

Note: G-10 One-Piece sleeve/washer assembly available for additional strength and convenience.

Eliminates Flange Leaks.
Guards against blowouts.
Protects against fire and hostile environments.
Usable with any type of flange.
Matches gasket materials to service conditions.
Lowest possible clamp and compressive load.
Increases gasket life.
Insulating version is both a positive seal and a superior insulator.

All standard ANSI and API flange sizes from 1/2″ and above. Custom odd sizes and shapes.

Pressure Ratings
All ANSI and API rated flanges. Pressures from hard vacuum to 50,000 psi and higher.